The intensive moth season begins early March but continues throughout the year -  just a little less intense during the colder months

Your special Moth Shield offers to prevent moth infestation during the coming months


PLEASE NOTE: Moth Shield is not a permanent moth proofer, nothing is. Moth Shield is not an insecticide but is a mixture of imported organic oils and is therefore designed to both destroy and deter moth.  With the extremely heavy moth infestation we've experienced in this country over the last few years, it is becoming apparent that an anti-moth environment is required 24/7.

As always we endeavour to help our customers look after their beautiful rugs throughout the year.

  • During the colder months - October to March (inclusive), just email us your full contact details and we'll email you back our free 'KEEP IT CLEAN' guide + post a free sample of our DS1 v.2 - superb on safely removing those grubby stains from your lovely rug (300ml £19.20 including vat and delivery to your front door)

  • To keep the warmth in and further protect your rugs from unecessary wear - utilise our special non-slip cushioning underpad specifically designed for use under Oriental Rugs on hard floors - ORIENTAL UNDERPAD. Click here to check your rug's size on our costing grid before ordering

And if your rug is just about to come to us for thorough dusting and cleansing - remember to order our Maggen soil/stain shield impregnation into the newly cleansed fibres.

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3 non-powered vapourisers for the price of 2 - £58.32

(Instead of  £87.48) 

Each 100ml non-powered vapouriser is supplied with a 100ml of our Moth Shield and lasts 10 weeks plus. 100ml refills thereafter - £14.50 inc. postage

For delivery overseas please email us before ordering.

1 x Trigger Spray + 3 x non-powered vapourisers for

-  £99.00 (instead of £141.48)

For delivery overseas please email us before ordering.

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